Feel Gang

Feel Gang is the last 10,000 survivors from their infamous gang from planet Feelia. All members scattered, looking for a new home in the metaverse.

You need to own an original Feel Gang NFT to mint Feel Gang Pixel.

1 OG = 1 Pixel. If you don’t own an original you will have a failed transaction.

For any updates regarding the project join our Discord server.

Make sure you are connected to the right network and the correct address. Please note: Once you make the purchase, you cannot undo this action.

Discord Community

Adopt a Feel Gang survivor and rank up in our Discord to participate in writing their story. You can make actionable decisions, shaping how their life in the metaverse unfolds in the future.


Each Feel Gang survivor’s combination of features builds its total rarity score and overall rarity tier. 


Whitelist minting

200 Whitelisted. Free mint to 2000. 9th of January. #announcements on discord to read more about the minting.

Public minting

0.01 ETH. 10th of January. #announcements on discord to read more about the minting. 

NFT reveal

13th of January. You can see the timer on top of the website.


Look at the #minting-roadmap on discord.


Look at the #minting-roadmap at discord.

Merch launch

When the minting process is complete we will start working on Feel Gang hoodies, stickers, skateboard and much more.

Charity donation

We will donate 10% of our minting profit to charity. The community will vote on which foundation. Date: TBA.

Claim your Feel Gang pixel NFT

Every Feel Gang owner will be able to claim a Feel Gang pixel NFT. The pixel NFT can be used as your character inside the metaverse. We will start working on this after reveal. Mint date: TBA. 


The Feel Gang will have an exclusive land in the Worldwide_Web3 where we will arrange community events. Our plan is to get Feel Gang integrated in project so you can play MMO-games as your NFT.


Sold out. You can buy them from OpenSea

Follow our social media on Twitter and Instagram for whitelist updates!

Each NFT is randomly generated with over 300 traits. Some more rare than other.

We are currently working on Feel Gang merch. Stay tuned!

Purchasing a Feel Gang NFT grants you full and complete right to do whatever you want with it, commercially or otherwise.

Join our community on discord.

Our crew

We are long-time best friends from Norway, all 30 years old.


Community Manager

Bio coming soon.



Our graphic designer and artist. Starting designing 20 years ago. Creativity, adventures, pursuit of growth and learning. When he is not behind the keyboard you see him either playing floorball, beer pong or dancing with a drink in his hand.



Bio coming soon.